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  We wanted to showcase a few of the jobs we have done in recent years with a few before and after pictures. Click on each image to see a larger view. We also have rollover transformations which will allow you to see our work before and after. See the rollover page for Backyard Paradise, Backyard Relaxation Center or Front Entrance Improvement.

Also please look at pictures from our portfolio in Portfolio for 2006.

  Gallery - Backyard Relaxation Center    
  Goal of Project: Our client wanted the feeling of a retreat in their own backyard. The stand of fir trees had lost their appeal as a natural barrier and the picket fence made for an abrupt end of the yard space. We created a cozy space with a natural colored bench, bubbling water fixture, small plants and an atmosphere of serenity.  
    Before   After    
  • Removed tall pine trees

  • Added small pine trees along fence

  • Built small stone wall to enclose the relaxation area

  • Installed all-weather  bench

  • Installed water fountain with rocks on round slab

  • Planted shrubs and plants

  • Hydro-seeded the yard

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  Gallery - Front Entrance Improvement    
  Goal of Project: Turn an overgrown walkway to the front door of this house into an easy to maintain and colorful entrance. The wood chips didn't have a defined space and were constantly mixing in with the grass (and lawnmower) and were falling in between the stones of the walkway. The rhododendrons unnecessarily guarded the house from welcomed guests. We accepted the challenge of refining and reinventing this home's front entrance.  
    Before   After    
  • Replaced stone walkway

  • Created brick circle entrance portal

  • Built new round front door entrance stairs

  • Renovated wall

  • Added wood chips

  • Added new shrubs and plants

  • Planted new flowers

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